Yoga FitLife Club

  • Feel great in your body again
  • Get rid of aches and pains, while you improve your flexibility
  • Balance your hormones
  • Reset your body to lose your last 10-20 pounds for the FINAL TIME!!

There are thousands of coaches out there with “programs” and quick fixes, that could work short term, but honestly, it is not a lifestyle, and that is exactly why those pounds creep back on you. With this group, a community of women, special guest coaches, and consistent o


Here at the Yoga FitLife, healthy living not only becomes your lifestyle, but you also gain a  mindset shift. It is a conscious daily choice that you can feel good about yourself. 

Become the “wisely fierce” woman you are meant to be and start living fit now!


You see I completely understand how you feel: 

going up and down on the scale, 

gaining weight when you haven’t changed your food, 

feeling sluggish and foggy,

feeling lost and confused what your body is going through now that you are over 40,

seeing that bloat in your abs,

shifting in weight in your lower back and waist.
For the last 25 years, I have had a passion for fitness, and I have helped hundreds of women, just like you, get back a healthy body and a recharged life. I would be honored if you would trust me to help you find your passion for fitness.

Find out how to use the best fitness and yoga classes with my specialized support & accountability.

Consistent Content

Get fit at your own pace.

Watch videos whenever it is most convenient!

Effective Workouts

My videos are knowledgeable, encouraging, and committed to helping you meet your fitness goals. They motivate you to move and achieve results.

Track Results

Discover which exercises and yoga flow gives you the best results. I help you find the perfect workout-life balance.

Let’s start together. 

This is an online studio that works. You will experience success in your yoga/fitness journey like the hundreds of clients I have trained over the years. You will receive my expertise and insider secrets to cut the guesswork to reduce the learning curve.

I have created short effective yoga flows and strength workouts built for long-term success. Form is essential when maximizing fitness benefits. With each move of your workout, you will learn how to correctly execute it, which muscle groups you are concentrating on, and how it should feel. You will be able to connect your breath with movement & your mind with your body.

You don’t need to spend hours exercising. Instead, what you can do is follow the plan that I give you and use the extra time you save, to enjoy life. If you want to reach your goal, you must have a plan to achieve it.  

Let me create your roadmap to success.


This was me 7 months after having my first son at age 41. I lost 65 pounds of baby weight and landed the cover of FitnessX Magazine sharing my story with other women about how I was able to carefully lose the weight while still breastfeeding and not stressing my body. This was also during the time when I discovered I had Hashimoto’s disease. 

For the last 10 years, I have been managing my hormones. Between having children later in life (my second was born when I was 44), resetting my thyroid, and finally going through menopause, I have been on a journey of resetting my hormones.

If you are a member of the Yoga FitLife Club, I share all the details and secrets I used for myself and for other clients to help get their bodies back in balance by dropping the weight and keeping it off for good.


As a busy mom with two young boys I know how hectic life can be, so I will share with you how to get the very most out of fitness programming and meal planning, while keeping your sanity serene.

Here are just a few of the perks you receive in our Yoga FitLife Club:


  • Monthly Challenges and Giveaways
  • Categorized Video Libraries with specific workouts
  • Libraries Stocked with Effective 30 minutes or less workouts
  • Accountability Check-ins
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Fresh recipes 
  • FB Live Talks – to get you inspired, keep you informed, and stay focused on your goals
  • On-going support from the amazing women in the group
  • Increased confidence to challenge yourself in fitness and your lifestyle
  • Laser focused goals
  • Celebratory (Champagne) moments
  • Motivation and Encouragement to keep you accomplishing
  • Discounts on Retreats and Master classes (New this year!)


You will have access to everything mentioned for less than the cup of coffee a day!

Let’s get you ready to rock your goals, energize your body, sharpen your muscles, and positively impact your mindset.

I get so fired everyday when we have new VIP members join our online club. Believe me, I am beyond excited with your milestones as well as the little steps that move you closer to reaching your Wisely Fierce Lifestyle.

You will have access to everything mentioned above for less than the cup of coffee a day.

To become an exclusive member of the Yoga FitLife it is only $37 per month. Or if you decide to pay in full its just $350/year.

You can easily cancel at any time if you are not happy for any reason. 

I know this monthly price could easily go for $199 per month based on the content alone, but my goal is to be accessible to more women, create an inspiring community, and positively impact your life. 

Let’s begin right away and start “Living Fit Now”.

Become the wisely fierce self that you are meant to be.


Yoga FitLife Club -


Annual Membership fee of $350.00 USD


Yoga FitLife Club -


Monthly Membership fee of $37.00 USD




“I love taking Laura’s workout classes especially Yoga. She’s patient, super energetic and always knows how to work at your pace. Whenever I find poses too difficult, she shares options for an easier one. This way I can still be part of the class and not left behind. She makes many of them fun and light. After each class I always feel refresh and energetic.”


Elisa Yip, CEO & Creative Director of SSKEIN

"I have worked with Laura Mak on her AbsoGlutely Challenge and online training with the Yoga FitLife Club. I loved her online program and the results I got in just two weeks were pretty awesome! I lost 8 lbs and gained muscle tone during the holiday season too! The ongoing support and encouragement she provides has been great. As a physical therapist, pro volleyball player and mom of 3 boys, with twins on the way, it's great to have a variety of home exercises that target specific muscle groups. Her short effective workouts give results that I can see and feel! Thank you Laura. You are such an inspiration."


 - Meri-de Boyer Goltz, Physical Therapist, Pro Beach Volleyball Player

"As a voice-over performer and actress, I use my body as an instrument. I needed a very positive and knowledgeable person to encourage my flexibility and strength training. Laura Mak has brought her amazing expertise and positive energy to every one of our workouts! In just under a year, I have lost 25 lbs and completely reshaped my body. My once sluggish shape is now lean and athletic. My confidence has gone up and my voice is stronger than ever. Simply put, Laura Mak makes fitness fun! "


Carla Delaney, Voice-Over Artist

"Laura Mak is a happy and energizing gal who loves to make people feel great on the inside and out. I hired Laura to help me tone up, gain strength, and feel good. She kept me on schedule and kept me smiling early in the morning during my challenging workouts. Laura has a special warmth and confidence about her that I truly adore."


- Barbra Stover, Rodeo Realty

"Laura Mak has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to exercise and nutrition counseling. She was able to create a program that fit my life style and my health issues. With my hectic life style, it is very convenient to communicate with Laura via the phone and internet. She is always quick to respond to my numerous questions. Laura’s great nutrition advice, taught me how various foods affected my body. I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone who wants top-notch service and are seeking a healthy life style! "


- Celeste Miggliacio, Director of English Curriculum

"After training with Laura for a few years now, I have found her to be not only an excellent trainer, but an extremely well rounded woman. Dependable, reliable, hard-working and conscientious, Laura reaches far beyond the bounds of personal training and into the world comprehensive fitness. Her ability to keep us guessing and her constant upbeat demeanor makes even 5:15 am tolerable. "


- Nancy Gale, Owner of Jamah Purses and Clothing

Transform your fitness & yoga practice for less

than $2 a day!

I am excited to work with you and have you become part of our Yoga FitLife Club!