Hello and Welcome!

Laura here, I’m thrilled to welcome you to LauraMakFitLife!

I’ve spent over 30 years in the pursuit of health, fitness, joy, and success by mastering the physical and mental disciplines that define human performance. I’m a former NCAA Collegiate scholarship gymnast and retired professional athlete who’s now dedicated to sharing my knowledge and passion about all the components of leading a Fit Life with others.

Whether you're a savvy entrepreneur, a nurturing parent, or someone striving for renewed vitality, LauraMakFitLife offers a unique blend of expertise, tools & resources, and of course, inspiration. 

I’m also a mom to two boys and for the last 10 years, I’ve been working to understand and then manage my changing hormones. Between having children later in life, resetting my thyroid due to Hashimoto’s, and going through menopause, I’ve been on my own journey of adapting to my body’s changing needs and resetting my hormones.

I understand the unique challenges many women face when beginning a fitness and wellness journey. I know the uncertainty, the limiting beliefs, and sometimes outright fear and I’ve got you! Let's embark on this transformative journey together and work towards cultivating a life that radiates wellness, productivity, unparalleled success and most of all, more joy.

What Do a Coach & Community Deliver?

Studies have shown that individual coaching, coupled with a supportive community, can dramatically accelerate your learning and growth. 

Coaching offers personalized strategies and accountability that can cut your learning curve, while community involvement provides an invaluable source of encouragement and shared wisdom. 

It's a synergy that amplifies your progress, ensuring that you're not just achieving your goals, but surpassing them.


Why You Need LauraMakFitLife

Here you get so much more than a yoga studio; you get access to a comprehensive online wellness center dedicated to improving your physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual tranquility.

Tailored to fit seamlessly into your active life, you'll find an array of practices and techniques that will enrich every aspect of your well-being, along with a personal coach to guide you and a community to cheer you on.