It is time to elevate your Personal Brand & your Personal Wellness

Branding & Bliss retreats for six women business owners. Three nights at secret garden estates in Stanwood Washington from September 2nd to the 8th, 2024

This dynamic duo of Kristina and Laura Mak, have teamed up to create an event to remember.

Join them for an unforgettable experience at their Brand & Bliss Retreat, where they blend the power of personal branding with the serenity of wellness practices to ignite your spirit and propel your business forward.

Here's a small glimpse of what

awaits you:

The retreat includes: ‚ÄĘ A personalized mini personal branding photoshoot with stunning indoor & outdoor locations ‚ÄĘ 1 on 1 customized 90 day wellness fitness/strength/recovery plan ‚ÄĘ Mediations, yoga, forest walks, plenty of resting time and guided journaling ‚ÄĘ Nourishing community meals provided
Imagine a weekend that is disconnected from distractions and is focused solely on you and your business. Together we have created a restorative weekend for you and five other women to connect with one another, grow your business platform, and renew your daily wellness routine.
Are you ready for more information? The official sign up to register has launched. The next steps are: 1. Hop on a call and we can talk more about it with you personally 2. Pay deposit to reserve your spot and get first register selections.
Room options and pricing: Willow Suite Individual room $1,500; Holly Suite Individual room $1,500;  Cottonwood Suite Shared bunk room $1,300;  Cedar Suite Individual room $1,500;  Cherry Blossom Suite Community room 1 $1,100;  Cherry Blossom Suite Community room 2 $1,100
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Laura Mak Quist, MS of The Yoga FitLife is leading yoga, meditation, and creating a wellness guide for each attendee

Laura Mak has over 25 years in wellness coaching. You get her planning & expertise so by the end of the retreat you are more educated, elevated, and empowered for your own personal health journey.


She will help reset your habits, renew your mind, and recharge your batteries! Here are just a few areas you can focus on with Laura (but to limited to):

  • Mindful living¬†

  • Busy¬†women‚Äôs wellness

  • The impact of¬†visualization and meditation

  • Stretch, recovery, and invigorating methods

  • Groundbreaking small business strategies and productivity¬†

Before the retreat you will have an individual 30-minute meeting about your wellness goals for the weekend. After the weekend you will go home with a 90 day action plan to keep you focused and supported.  




Expert Personal Branding Photographer Kristina:


During this retreat photoshoot Kristina will guide you through capturing your unique personality with images that create authentic connections. 


Before the retreat you and Kristina will create an action plan of how to best add your personal branding to your unique business. 


With a questionnaire and video call, Kristina will help you select your outfits and props to bring, as well as discuss the types of photos that will be captured using indoor and/or outdoor locations that fit with your content pillars. 

Taking photos doesn’t have to be overwhelming, confusing and challenging. Instead it will be fun, exciting and empowering.


Kristina Pearl Photography personal branding photographer is taking lifestyle branding photos at retreat

Brand & Bliss Retreat


We are limited on space so we can provide more individual attention creating a retreat to remember!


Please send me an email with your questions so we can answer them all and secure your spot for the retreat.


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